Can I buy direct- Do you deal direct with the public?

Yes we do, but we always recommend that customers  support their local shops which unfortunately is not always possible with Australia being so sparse where many people do not have access to a reliable close by service. We do sell direct to thousands of motorcyclists and Jet skiers nationwide and of course the world. Do remember that we are a wholesale warehouse and therefore though always happy to provide as much useful information as we can, most of which is available on this site, we are not professional bike tuners.

Trade Customers- How do I qualify to become a trade customer?

Trade customers do receive a small discount on their purchases, which encourages them to hold stock. To qualify for this discount, we require the names and contact details of two sales rep’s from other motorcycle wholesale companies who call in on your business, so that they will be able to verify that you are a motorcycle or Jet ski shop and are operating from a legitimate business premises.

Payment and delivery- how do I pay for my order or do you do COD?

All orders must be paid for by either credit card or direct deposit, no orders are shipped COD. Delivery is by either Australia Post Express for tracking purposes (no items are mailed in envelopes as the letter counting machines damage jets) or preferably we overnight ship in hand delivered airbags. Australia Post is your usually slower option if unable to sign for an airbag.

Prices- Where do I find prices?

All Items are generally in stock and those not available through our online store can be priced by emailing us direct. With over 4000 items being continuously effected by the ever changing exchange rate with the USD and the Yen, pricing fluctuates up and down with every shipment we land.

Is it true that there are cheap non genuine copies of Mikuni carbs getting around?

Yes there have been a number of manufacturers found and closed down for doing this.


I’ve found a really cheap rebuild kit on the net, is this genuine Mikuni?

With many items, if the price is too good to be true, buyer beware. If it doesn’t arrive in the genuine packaging, generally you’ve wasted your money. There have been instances where companies or individuals are  marketing rebuild kits with a picture of the genuine Mikuni blister packed kit and then ship a cheap copy in a plastic bag with a header card.  This is not only applies to rebuild kits.

Carb identification-I can’t find my carburetor or Mikuni product on your website?

Mikuni products (carburetors for all types of vehicles and watercraft, fuel bodies, fuel and oil pumps) not shown on this site are generally made under contract for motorcycle companies or others, who in the case of carburetors, through the years design their own units to meet emission laws or other specific needs they may have. When this happens they pay for the factory to make their required tooling which they then own. Often these particular items are only built for short periods of time and unfortunately once the company that owns the tooling ceases to hold spares, you’re in trouble. After exhausting all avenues is when you may need to start looking at retro fitting what we have available if feasible. Most jets and needle/seat assemblies are available here for such carbs but must be positively identified in the relevant areas on this website before ordering. To have one of these such items reproduced if allowable, a minimum run of 1000 units is applicable.

Carb repairs- Can I send a carb to you to recondition?

No sorry we have no facilities for this service

Part identification- I am having trouble identifying a part, can I send it to you?

Yes if we determine that  there may be a chance that we can match it, but you must include a pre-paid self addressed post bag for the items return, and an email address for us to contact you. We do not measure needles to look for close matching items.

Are all carbs suited for both two and four stroke engines?

Other versions of the same looking TM and VM carbs to ours have through the years been manufactured by the factory for different bike manufacturers and are quite often of slightly different  design and intended to only run on a specific application, hence the stories you hear when people have trouble getting old two stroke carbs to work on four strokes. All our VM and TM carbs are both 4 & 2 stroke compatible. Obviously correct jetting is essential for Australian conditions and fuel.

My imported carb wont run properly?

American fuel has around a 4 month shelf life before going off in the fuel bowl, hence the popularity of carb rebuild kits in the USA. Our Fuel comes from Singapore and has totally different burn and shelf life characteristics. A full re-jet can be expected. If a new carb check that you aren’t trying to run a four stroke with a two stroke carb, we have seen kits from both the US and England like this.

Jetting spec’s- Do you have specifications for correctly jetting certain carbs to different motorcycles?

Yes we have hundreds of different jetting set ups and generally for a set price will supply carbs fitted with recommended jets, after 25 plus years of doing this we are good at getting it right but can not guarantee that we will be correct first time every time. For fine tuning follow the tuning tips on this site where reaching perfection will be easy most times.

Richer & leaner needles: Does Mikuni sell richer and leaner needles for all its carbs?

In a lot of cases the needle with the last digit in its part number being one more or less than another needle may actually have no resemblance to the other needle. There is a dimensions chart in the Jet needle page (Jets Section) for making comparisons. The TMX, HSR, TM38’s and RS style  carbs do have a range of varying needles available which are all listed in the same section. With most other carbs, provided you have the correct profile needle for your motorcycle you will have to change the needle jet (emulsion tube) to make mid range mixture alterations.