HSR Early Version Carb parts

 Use this page for these carbs (earlier versions – LH throttle): HSR 42 carbs  – 1994 to April, 1999
HSR 45 carbs  – up to March 2000
 If you want information on these carbs (RH throttle) click to go to the later carb parts page. HSR 42 carbs  – May 1999 to present
HSR 45 carbs  –

HSR 48 carbs


1.C5=0410-BScrew Top Cover (flathead) View Part
2.CW2=0414-BScrew Top Cover View Part
3.776-39005Top Cover View Part
4.TM42/04Gasket, Top Cover View Part
5.BS32/126E-Ring, Jet Needle View Part
6.826-03002Washer , Needle Clip View Part
7.J8-8DDY01 -97Jet Needle, 42 View Part
8,B401/56E-Ring View Part
9.B401/10Packing, Link Lever View Part
10834-23041Pin Link Lever View Part
11.TM42/08Throttle Valve View Parts
12.739-13001Screw  Needle Retainer Clip View Part
13.TM42/ 16Clip, Needle Retainer View Part
14.TM42/13Seating Ring, T.V. View Part
15.TM42/10Seal, Throttle Valve View Part
16.TM40/89Bolt View Part
17.TM42/38Plate, Lock Tab View Part
18.TM42/34 ABracket, Cable View Part
19.C2=0514--BScrew View Part
20.640-12001Guide Holder (Starter) View Part
21.VM14/241Spring, Starter Plunger View Part
22.N189.192Starter Plunger View Part
23.TM42/06Body Ass'y, Bearing and Spigot View Part
24.616-94029Seal, Spigot Body View Part
25.BN38/43Pin, A/P Lever View Part
26.MC-0316-BScrew  A/P Adjuster View Part
27.M12F/46-BI3Spring, A/P Adjuster View Part
28-TM42/48Lever, A/P (Zinc) View Part
29.TM42/28Lever, A/P  (Plastic) View Part
30.TM42/37 Spring  A/P View Part
31.E204.040 Ring (Steel) View Part
32.TM42SS1/01-0 Mixing Body Assy View Part
33.B36/95Packing Shaft  (Plastic) View Part
34.TM42/36Adjusting Screw, A/P View Part
35.B30/205O-Ring, A/P Screw View Part
36.TM42/17Plate, Lock Tab for Shaft View Part
37.B30/1069Screw, Throttle Stop View Part
38.TM42/20Lever Ass'y  Throttle View Part
39.N138.019Pin, Throttle Lever View Part
40.N3=04Nut, Throttle Stop Screw View Part
41.TM42/19Spring, Throttle Return View Part
42.700-15011Shaft Throttle View Part
43.TM42/15Plate, Fuel Joint Retainer View Part
44.C2=0410Screw, Fuel inlet Retainer View Part
45.604-26014Screw  Pilot Air Adjusting View Part
46.N 133.206Spring, Pilot Air Screw View Part
47.VM1 21205Washer , Pilot Air Screw View Part
48.N l 33.037O-Ring, Pilot Air Screw View Part
49,TM40/27Fuel Joint View Part
50,KV/10O-Ring, Fuel Joint View Part
51.B30/398Packing, Idle Adjuster View Part
52.VM22/138Washer , Idle Adjuster (Steel) View Part
53.730-09018Spring, Idle Adjuster View Part
54.925-15001Ring, Idle Adjuster (Brass) View Part
55.TM42/32Idle Adjuster Ass'y (Long) View Part
55a.990-605-065Idle Adjuster Screw (Short) View Part
56.BS30/97-00Air Jet (Blank) View Part
57.784-430001-Y-6Needle Jet (723 Series)   View Part
58.TM42/11-70Nozzle, Accelerator Pump   View Part
59.N124.063O-Ring, A/P View Part
60.VM28/486-25Pilot Jet View Part
61.TM42/12Extender, Main Jet View Part
62.N100 . 604-160Main Jet View Part
63.616-33003O-Ring, N.V View Part
64.VM13/216Screw w/W asher , N.V. Retainer View Part
65.786-27001-4.2Needle Valve Ass'y w/ O-RingView Parts
66.859-32027Float Assembly View Part
67.BV26/22Pin, Float View Part
68.C2=0410Screw  Float Pin View Part
69616-94028Packing, Float Bowl View Part
70.TM42/05Float Chamber Body View Part
71.N122.028Hose, Overflow View Part
72.VM28/254O-Ring, Drain Plug View Part
73.TM32/41Drain Plug View Part
74.C2=0412-BScrew  Float Bowl (4) View Part
75.TM36/44-IARod, A/P View Part
76.TM36/64Boot, A/P Rod View Part
77.TM36/60Plunger , A/P View Part
78.VM14SCI3/89Spring, A/P View Part
79.TM/42-03Lever, T.V. View Part

* NOTE:  1. For Part No 7  the following specs apply: -95  Richer -96  Std. -97  Leaner         45mm -98  Leaner       J8-8CYF02
                  2. For Part No. 57, the following apply: -Y-2  Leaner -Y-4  Leaner -Y-6  Std -Y-8   Richer
                  3. For Part No. 58, the following apply: -50   Leaner -60   Leaner -70   Std
                  3. For Part No. 65, the following apply: -2.  3 -3.  5 -4.  2 Std