Needle & Seat Assemblies

Needle & Seat Assemblies (Needle valves)
Choose the top flow hole diameter from the sales drop down list in the product file of the one you identify to match what you have removed from your carburetor. This size is an actual mm measurement of the diameter of the hole itself and usually is stamped on the end of the seat. If converting from gravity feed fuel to pumped, down sizing this hole size eliminates the risk of seat pop off and flooding. For methanol go as big as you can.

The measurement between the seating surface on the seat body and the top of the pin are the most important along with the thread or main outside diameter on seats using an O-ring seal. If too short, threaded seats can be set at correct heights using shimming washers.

Some seats may not be found in our listings and these will only be available from the OEM motorcycle manufacturer for whom they will have been specially made under licence for a unique application. If unsure call or email.

The clips on the needles are there for ease of assembly and have no bearing on the actual function. Some seats may or may not have an adapter on top for fitting a screen filter which can easily be replace by using an inline filter on the main supply hose.

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