Mikuni Push/Pull Throttle Assembly

A Push/Pull Throttle Assembly is required with use of all Mikuni Racing Carburetors to assure the positive closing of the carburetor throttle slides against the high vacuum pressures encountered in racing engines. The Mikuni Push/Pull Throttle Assembly includes a twist throttle assembly and both throttle cables with adjusters.

Part No. KRS-001 $

Mikuni Velocity Stacks

Velocity stacks improve the air flow into the carburetors to increase induction efficiency and increase horsepower on racing engines where air filters are not required. Set of 4 Velocity Stacks fits all Mikuni RS Series Carburetors and other carburetors with 55mm O.D. intake bells. Choose length depending on chassis clearance and desired tuning characteristics.

Part Price Buy
30mm Mikuni Velocity Stacks, Part No. KRS-002
50mm Mikuni Velocity Stacks, Part No. KRS-003
70mm Mikuni Velocity Stacks, Part No. KRS-004
15mm Mikuni Velocity Stacks, Part No. KRS-007
15mm Mikuni Velocity Stacks, Part No. KRS-007-BLK
Mikuni RS Methanol Kit


All the jetting components necessary to allow the use of methanol fuel with RS38 and RS40mm carburettors. For use on RS34 andRS36 carbs, the drilling of the slide to take these thicker needles is required.

Mikuni RS Methanol Kit          Part No. KRS-005