2. MX Throttle & Cable w. 90 degree carb fitting, Mikuni VM / TM

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This Quick Action MX throttle and cable assembly is for use with Mikuni VM carbs ranging from 30mm up to 38mm & all TM non pump Mikuni carburetors 36mm thru to 41mm.

The exposed inner wire length is matched for use in Mikuni VM carbs using keyhole type cable attachment to the throttle valve. Use of this throttle and cable combo with OEM VM carb versions, fitted with a cable holder that is screwed to the slide, is restricted to carb sizes of 36mm and larger.

These 90 degree lower fittings have been specially made with an extra 10mm of thread both sides for more adjustment and clearance, allowing them to be wound further down into the top of the carb for even more clearance under the frame. When fully wound down this fitting only requires 22mm of space above the carb for use in situations where space is very restricted. This does often require the cable to be fixed in place before fitting a VM carb as unscrewing the carb top with the carb in place may become impossible in some motorcycles.

These premium grade cables use a Nylon lined outer housing. The Nylon liner inside the outer cable housing conduit is for reduced friction and heat resistance. All throttle cables must be lubricated during installation with cable lube or a very light oil such as 3 in 1 to avoid clogging. Besides the need to lubricate the inner wire in the housing, the cable end barrels at their pivot points should be lubricated with water proof grease. If you need to clean your cable which is particularly relevant for dirt bikes. We recommend using WD40 or a very light oil such as 3 in 1. This effectively washes away dirt from the cable, without clogging it.

Our 7/8″ (22mm) MX Quick Action Competition Throttle assembly is designed with the ideal ratio for use on our 30 thru 38mm non-pump type Mikuni TM and VM carburetors. It has a black epoxy finished die-cast aluminum housing, nylon throttle sleeve and fits our single or one into two pull cables for twin carburetor applications plus those made for early disc brake Honda singles.

This manufacturer has been making aftermarket throttles, cables and other products of quality for Mikunioz since the mid-1980’s. The MX Quick Action Comp Throttle is a sleek looking classic design which will clear the brake master cylinder on the handlebar.



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