Air-box Adapter TMX, Mikuni Carbs w. 62mm spigot 40 ext. x 62mm OD.

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This Mikuni Carburetor air-box adapter for TMX-18 and TMX-27 carbs with a slightly smaller 62mm spigot diameter than our TM carbs. It is designed for use on motorcycles where the OEM carb was 116mm long, requiring a 40mm extension when wanting to use the standard OEM air-box. This adapter may require shortening for some applications where correct length sleeves are not available. The adapter is made from silver anodized aluminum with a 2mm wall thickness for strength and rigidity. This air filter, air cleaner, air box adapter sleeve has been designed and manufactured for a good interference fit over the Mikuni carburetor spigot.

This sleeve has a 62mm ID at the carburetor spigot with a 40mm extension at 62mm OD.

This sleeve also suits a range of other carbs with a 62mm inlet diameter but we do only guarantee the interference fit to be correct for our TMX carbs found on this site, VM36-4 and VM38-9 roundslide Mikuni’s. Our TM38 non pump flatslide’s require another version of this sleeve (also available) with a fractionally larger ID for a more compatible interference fit.

This spigot must be installed by a competent person. When fitting the sleeve we recommend the use of a high strength 620 Loctite retaining compound or Loctite 660 liquid metal where a loose fit is experienced. The adhesive besides helping bond both items together will fill and seal any imperfections found on some carburetor spigots and also acts a a slight lubricant for the fitment.



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