BMW R60 R75 R80 R100 Mikuni VM34 carb kit

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IMPORTANT NOTICE- For applications where replacing  40mm Bing Carbs which have a 52mm outlet spigot diameter at the motor end, we fit a larger 52mm sleeve so as to properly match your OEM rubber boot (if replacing a 40 with this carb the total length will be a couple of mm longer). With all others do confirm on the smaller motors that your carb dimensions match (+ – mm) as per the picture A=44 B=50 and D=110mm, some very early models do differ.

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Going  faster has never been so easy, say goodbye to worn old flooding stock carbs, hard starting, irregular idle, hesitations, and flatspots.  The Dual Mikuni VM34 carburetor kit is easily fitted to your BMW R60, R75, R80, R100 and the improvement is instant. This kit includes our silver anodized sleeves fitted to both ends of the Mikuni VM34 to match the original Bing carburetor dimensions. There is also a pair of inner throttle cable wires provided to replace the existing inner cable where you are required to solder the provided nipples to the base of the new wire.

The supplied carb dimensions are 50mm inlet x 113mm front to back length x 44mm outlet. Removal of a mm or two in length from the air filter plastic pipe may be required but usually not necessary (stock carb 110mm long).

The most commonly suited jets for Australian fuel and conditions have been fitted as well as spares for fine tuning the top end at WOT. Climate, altitude and fuel density from different octane fuels all have varying effects on final fine tuning as does cam, exhaust and cylinder head porting etc. Please do contact us if you believe further fine tuning is required and we can guide you through the process. Once tuned a VM Mikuni will not go out of tune for many years.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that from time to time the Mikuni factory is unable to supply us with either the left or right hand version of the VM34 carbs. Therefore these kits may be supplied with two same carbs. The only item of right and left hand difference is the idle speed screw. This screw is knurled for easy adjustment from both sides, where once set with the correct pilot jet, the idle adjustment should never need to be adjusted again. if you have a multi cylinder motorcycle using VM carbs smaller than 32mm, or wanted to use the upgraded performing TM’s or pumper carbs on any engine, or VM’s bigger than these, you have no idle speed screw orientation option.  We apologise for the inconvenience where we believe you should understand that it really doesn’t matter, but if it does please do contact us to check before ordering.

At Mikunioz, for the last 30 plus years, we have been constantly checking and where necessary upgrading our jetting specs as fuel quality changes. Regular fuel in the USA is 85 octane or 91 in their premium brands which have numerous additives and blends added (basically smells and drys like wood varnish) which results in a totally different jetting spec and product performance. This carb as supplied from the factory will never work on this bike and requires a total re-jet as supplied loose with your carbs or done here before shipping.

You will instantly experience better throttle response, improved acceleration, increased horsepower and torque.


If wishing to a different air filter rather than have the sleeve fitted you can purchase the carburetor, tuner jet kit and or what ever other components you want individually by following the directions below.

On the main menu to the left of the page, hover over the carb listing for Mikuni VM Carburetors and then select VM34 from the drop down list. When clicking on any individual size Mikuni carb from the drop down list it will put you into a page showing not only the Mikuni carb itself but also any items relevant to that carb, being Mikuni jets, Mikuni flanges, Mikuni carb tuning kits, Mikuni cables , Mikuni throttles, Mikuni air-cleaners and a range of Mikuni carb to OEM air box adapters etc to also suit. This also makes alternate jet selection easy for you if you have your own spec or wish to purchase extra jets as only the type of  jets that fit that particular carb are shown.
Click on the carb itself if wanting to view the full details and or to make your purchase. Then back arrow back in the carbs main page and go into the tuner kits, which show in the sales drop down list the jetting kits we have for confirmed suitable engines for that particular carb. Again thoroughly read the tuner kit description.
If you’re comfortable with making a purchase of the carb, tuner kit any or other associated components, order it on line or otherwise please call us to further discuss your needs on 0747712677.

All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. The duty free threshold and duty/taxes payable rates differ from one country to another and we strongly advise you check your liability before ordering if unsure. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept. or on their behalf by the Postal Service, who you will need to make contact with using the provided tracking number.

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.

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  1. Lars Arntsen (verified owner)

    My R75, 1970, runs like new bike, just smal adjusment , i am very pleased with the service from Mikunioz, Thanks from Sweden.

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