Custom Built Mikuni RS Carb Kits- Available for most motorcycles

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This Mikuni RS carburetor Kits can be built using any of our 34, 36, 38 or 40mm Mikuni RS Smoothbore Kits to suit stock or race worked engines. These carbs can be matched for use with stock air-boxes or high flow POD filters.

These Mikuni  RS carbs will breath a whole new lease of life into your machine with around a 25% increase in power,  whilst making it perform and operate as it should.

You will very quickly realize that the expense of a rebuild of your old worn OEM carbs can far exceed the cost of these new units and also unfortunately as with many rebuilds now days you only have the option in many cases of gambling with very poor quality aftermarket parts. Considering this and if intending to ride and enjoy your motorcycle it makes good sense to retire your OEM carbs into the cupboard and step up to a set of RS’s.

Please before contacting us, firstly check your carb spacing and carburetor sizes for compatibility. These are not suited for downdraft engines.

These Mikuni kits comes in numerous fitment options We have dozens of different plate and shaft kits to match most carb center to center spacing’s for direct fitment to many engines where there are no longer direct replacement carb kits available. All of our RS kits as they come before modifications measure 100mm front to back with an outside diameter at the air-filter end of 55mm and an outside diameter at the outlet motor end of 40mm on the 34’s, 42mm on the 36 and 38’s and finally 43mm on the RS40.

As factory supplied these are the carb spacings.

A= 77mm (spacing center to center between carb 1 & 2)
B= 85 or 93mm (carb 2 & 3)
C= 77mm (carb 3 & 4)

Below are some of the off the shelf spacing kits we have and the common applications where a mm or 2 in spacing in each direction isn’t a big issue when fitting into rubber sleeves. You’ll notice the variations on some we’ve successfully fitted, listed where still work great and fit ok with a bit of manipulation. The bikes listed below in Bold are found in the motorcycle kits pages as specific kits. These carbs have been adapted to suit motors down in size to Suzuki Bandit and Honda 400cc with a combination of offset motor mount rubber flanges and a particular spacing kit.

85-90-85 =    GSXR Liq cooled, Triumph Daytona 87-87-87, and others

80-100-80=   Honda DOHC CB 750, 900, 1100 and others

89-89      =    Triumph triple, Yamaha XS750/850

76-80-76        CB750 SOHC 4, 1997 Suzuki 1981 GSX650E (chain drive) 75-80-75 40-120-52 Pods, CB550 SOHC 77-77-77 (will set at 77-79-77), Suzuki GS550E 81up 32mm 75-80-75 and others (this throttle shaft has an option of LH side mounting of the throttle control on either carbs 1 or 2).

72-88-72         84 up Honda CB, Yam XJ 650 73-84-73, Kawa GPZ550 70-92-70, and others

Your stock throttle cables may of may not match to these carbs, where we have available in the RS accessories page either our road bike throttle and cable assembly (KRS-001) or a Quick action 1/4 turn throttle and cable kit (PPQA40K)

You can also buy separately either POD filters or Velocity stacks which have no form of filter in them (15, 30,50 and 75mm long) for racing

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Re-spaced carbs only, Inc sleeves one end, Inc. sleeves both ends


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