DF52-73 Mikuni Pulse Pump 35 LPH, Dual 90 Degree Outlets

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(The background lines are at 1 & 10 mm spacings)

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This is a Mikuni Dual outlet pump with right angle outlet pipes and a 35 litres per hour flow rate.

It flush mounts with two 6.5mm diameter holes and the distance between the the hole centres being 92mm. All the hose tails are sized for 6mm ID fuel line.

Mikuni Pulse Fuel Pumps employ an engines fluctuating engine crankcase pressure to pump fuel from a remote fuel tank to an engines carburetor(s). Applications for Mikuni fuel pulse pumps include Kart racing, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, go-karts and motorcycles. In some cases a “T” may need to be fitted to the outlet line to divert excess fuel back to the tank if needle and seat pop off becomes a problem at idle causing flooding. This line will either need to be run back taking a route higher than the bowl level or with a restrictor in it so as to keep supply preference to the carburetor.


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