Forked Airbox Adapter, Universal For Larger TM/VM & TM42

$130.00 AUD


This forked Y air-box adapter is for fitment to 62mm carb spigots on VM36/38 and TM36/38 carbs, or the 65mm TM42 Carb spigot. The Air-box adapter is sold with 2 1/2″ ID connection hose and two 8mm wide hose clamps included as pictured. The two inlet ends are 50mm OD for mating with suitable POD type filters. Care should be taken to support your filters to avoid over stressing the manifold and carb. 

This forked air-box adapter with a carb end hose and clamp connection is made for use with twin POD filters (not included) in situation with restricted space behind the carb.

For use with other carbs such as the TM40 pumper we have sleeves available for gluing to the carb spigot for stepping up to a 65mm mating size for these adapters.

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62mm carb connection, 65mm carb connection




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