1. Suzuki DR650 Mikuni TM42-6 Flatslide Pumper Carb KIT

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$750.00 AUD$775.00 AUD

Select for use with OEM choke cable or with inclusion of an independent knob choke.


The Mikuni TM42-6 HSR flows 17CFM more than the TM40-6 and incorporates many upgraded features such as a roller-bearing slide. All this means going even faster has never been so easy, say goodbye to hard starting, hesitations and flat spots.  These Mikuni carburetors are correctly sized and easily fitted to your Suzuki DR650 stock air box when using the silver anodized air-box adapter. This adapter is fitted prior to delivery when purchasing complete kits. For this Mikuni carburetor to operate correctly the motorcycles air box must be opened up to allow more air flow in. Using a hole saw, a 45mm diameter hole will be a sufficient starting point where alternating between WOT runs with and without the filter access door removed will confirm if you have removed enough material. The kit also comes with throttle cables and a 1/4 turn quick action throttle. The carb comes fully re-jetted for your application with spare main jets for fine tuning. Climate, altitude and fuel density from different octane fuels all have varying effects on final fine tuning as does cam, exhaust and cylinder head porting etc. For this reason, we have fitted what we have found to be a range of jets to allow you to tune to most variables. Though the TM42-6 will accept OEM choke cables, you have the option to select the kit with or without an additional knob choke assembly. International buyers please advise us of your fuel octane rating so we can make jetting allowances if required.

Pre 1996 models- Due to starter motor/drain bung clearance issues on these earlier models, you need to purchase separately and stack between the motor and rubber flange, two of our 7mm thick manifold mounting flange spacers ( SKU AS42/7 ) to push the carb back. This then requires the shortening of the air-box boot to compensate.

Fine tuning is generally related to exhaust system with the DR650 where the supplied setup is in most cases perfect but if you don’t get that instant “WOW I’ve got myself a crazy wheel standing machine” feeling,  it will only usually relate to main jet size and or often pump nozzle. If at all confused or in need of guidance we offer our customers, business hours phone support for any carb we sell. The TM42 for big Jap singles are now our most popular selling kits worldwide and our knowledge base for tuning to different engine configurations of all brands is extensive.

You will instantly experience way better throttle response, improved smooth acceleration, increased horsepower and torque.  Plus the bonus of better fuel economy. Dyno tests show improvements of up to and over 25% when fitted to OEM carburetored engines. To fully appreciate the potential this carburetor has you must fully read and follow the provided fitment and tuning sheets.


To clarify some commonly asked questions about this carb in regards to a comparision with the 40mm: 

In the late 80’s Mikuni American released the HS40 (TM40-6) as an amazing new carburetor for the Harley Davidson market, literally knocking all its competitors out of the park. We were at the San Jose Custom Chrome Show when it was released and become part of that buzz as Australian Mikuni distributor. This slide type fuel metering device basically made the competitors butterfly type carbs seem like lawn sprinklers.
With the huge increase in Harley Davidson sales this became a very lucrative market. Recognizing the potential of this market and being aware of the efforts of competitors to try and grab back their share of it made Mikuni realize the necessity of replacing the 40 with a carburetor to be the be all and end all of all carburettors. The target was to deliver unrivaled peak performance combined with smoother throttle operation and lighter throttle pull by replacing the metal on metal slide action with a slide running on roller bearings. Also a larger fuel bowl capacity was provided but most of all, superior venturi design and fuel atomization resulting in more precise mixture ratios to not only increased horsepower and torque but also to enable the fitment of a larger carb to smaller capacity engines without losing valuable bottom end power, where in fact instead gaining more. In 1994 the HSR42 was born and just like you will if you fit one to your bike, all we could say was WOW. Instant throttle response delivering 25% more horsepower and torque over the stock CV carb before even putting on a real high flow air-cleaner. As the badge says 20 years later” Still the best performance carburetor on the planet”.
Unfortunately, the TM42 only had limited sales in the Japanese single market due to it only appealing to the custom fitter as there had never been a cable set or air-box adapter available off the shelf. With the slowing of the Harley market due to fuel injection on new bikes, here in Australia, Mikunioz realized the opportunity to offer Mikuni’s best Carburetor to the big Jap single market and in late 2015 we released a range of ready to roar direct fit up kits with correct jetting and a few trick mods to make them work better than anything before on big Jap Thumpers.

The fuel consumption is way less but when comparing with the stock carbs, it all depends on how having a lot more power and torque effects your riding habits. If you can manage to back off and just have your bike perform at its present level you’ll be surprised by the fuel economy, but of course when the same amount of throttle twist becomes front wheel lifting, breaking traction action, well it’s hard to not want to go and play. If you have more horses in the paddock and you want them all to perform, you have to feed them more hay! 

You will enjoy this new carb but do be sure to hold on tight on your first test ride as she may try to spit you off if you nail it to hard.


If wishing to modify your existing Suzuki DR650 cables to suit the Mikuni TM42-6 or use a POD filter rather than the original air-box you can purchase the carburetor, tuner jet kit and or what ever other components you want individually by following the directions below.

On the main menu to the left of the page, hover over the carb listing for TM Carbs with Accel Pump and then select TM42-6 from the drop down list. When clicking on any individual size Mikuni carb from the drop down list it will put you into a page showing not only the Mikuni carb itself but also any items relevant to that carb, being Mikuni jets, Mikuni flanges, Mikuni carb tuner kits, Mikuni cables , Mikuni throttles, Mikuni air-cleaners and a range of Mikuni carb to OEM air box adapters etc to also suit. This also makes alternate jet selection easy for you if you have your own spec as only the type jets for that particular carb are shown.
Click on the carb itself if wanting to view the full details and or to make your purchase. Then back arrow back in the carbs main page and go into the tuner kits, which show in the sales drop down list the jetting kits we have for confirmed suitable engines for that particular carb. Again thoroughly read the tuner kit description.
If you’re comfortable with making a purchase of the carb, tuner kit any or other associated components, order it on line or otherwise please call us to further discuss your needs on 0747712677.

All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. The duty free threshold and duty/taxes payable rates differ from one country to another and we strongly advise you check your liability before ordering if unsure. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept. or on their behalf by the Postal Service, who you will need to make contact with using the provided tracking number.

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.

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4 reviews for 1. Suzuki DR650 Mikuni TM42-6 Flatslide Pumper Carb KIT

  1. Joshua Purcell

    Deadset the best upgrade you can give your DR650, I have the smaller pump needle with the 142.5 main and the 27.5 Pilot and the motorbike flies, I have trouble keeping the front wheel down. Well worth the money when compared to the ProCycle Kit TM40 at the same price. You wont be disappointed, great fuel economy as well. 10/10

  2. Chris Brown (verified owner)

    WOW, this TM42 installed on my 2018 DR650 is awesome. I have it installed with stock exhaust and airbox opened up with motorex filter… and it has so much more power, but more importantly the power delivery is smooth throughout the rev range. First gear full throttle lifts f wheel without hesitation and 2nd gear lifts easily with a pull on bars… 3rd will lift a bit with a bounce. Perfect, not scary but so much better ride as it holds the gears longer so less changes. ????

  3. Andrew Beresford

    I left the tm42 for almost 12 months as delivered, great power improvement. After talking with Tom recently, decided to start tuning which makes a huge difference again, now realize it’s a must to do if you buy. This smooth power gets my 110kg butt on back wheel easy now. I run full fmf open airbox. 135 main jet needle middle clip.

  4. bruce (verified owner)

    After much deliberation and hesitance I finally purchased the TM42 -6 Pumper Kit. All the pieces are there and a lot of instructions which I didn’t read. It fits pretty well, better than the stock carb actually.After a few test runs,and getting out the 50mm hole saw and changing to a 145 main jet I think I’ve got it sorted. Its a new bike ! Yes 3rd gear wheel stands as the promo says. I have 16 front and a 43 rear. Before I couldn’t change into top until 100kph. It will easily pull top at 80. This is the DR I was wanting all along. Much more direct response to throttle which takes some time to get adjusted to. It also is using less fuel???
    4.8ls to 100Ks. I just did a 250K run with some fast road and some medium pace dirt tracks. It used 12 litres?
    Do I recommend getting this carby kit.
    If you want a real DR then this is the first bit of kit I would buy.
    PS Have a Yoshi exhaust with the header pipe all sorted.

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