Mikuni Carb Mounting Rubber Boot/Sleeve- 43.5mm ID each end

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This Mikuni Carb mounting rubber boot / sleeve assembly is designed for fitting Mikuni carburetors with a 42mm through 45mm spigot outside diameter where the 43.5mm inside diameter of the rubber boot with a little stretch or a tightening down will suit Mikuni VM36 and VM38 Roundslide carbs, TM36 and TM38 Flatslide carbs, also TM flatslide pumper carbs in 36 thru 40mm along with RS36, 38 and 40 for fitment to multi cylinder engines.

The inside center spacing block bore diameter is 40mm with a total spacing distance between the two spigots being 4mm,

This heavy duty rubber boot attachment sleeve comes with stainless steel hose clamps featuring rolled outer edges to protect the rubber.


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