Mikuni Flange 33 Reducing 28mm, 45 degree, 40mm spigot, 51- 58mm Stud centres

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This Mikuni Mounting Flange has a 33-28 tapered ID, with fitment for 49mm thru 59mm stud centres.

Ideal for  applications where fitting 32mm thru 34mm carbs to cylinder heads with 28mm or smaller ports for maximum surface to surface connection and inlet funneling. This mounting flange is designed for fitting Mikuni carburetors with a 40mm spigot outside diameter to any engine with mounting stud spacings ranging from 49mm centre to centre measurement through to 59mm. The alloy stub flange is made using 6061 grade Aluminum with a silver anodized coating. The inside hole diameter reduces down from 33mm to 28mm with a total Stub height of 28.5mm. The 45 degree rubber boot then kicks the carb off to the side, up or down, or on whatever orientation you want to set it at for a custom application. The rubber boot end inside diameter is 40mm for matching with Mikuni VM30 thru VM34 Roundslide carbs, TM32 and TM34 Flatslide carbs. These also suit the TM33 flatslide pumper carbs. The slotted mounting holes in the 10mm thick base do suit mounting hole centres from 49 thru 59mm when using up to 5/16″ or 8mm socket head screws (Allen key).

The assembly includes an alloy stub flange, gasket and heavy duty 45 degree rubber boot attachment sleeve which has a 40mm inside diameter and stainless steel hose clamps featuring rolled outer edges to protect the rubber.


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