TM33-8012 MK-8012 Mikuni Rebuild Kit

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Rebuild Kit for Mikuni TM33-8012.

Before rebuilding an old worn Mikuni TM33 carburetor, especially one off a Suzuki DR350 work bike, the one thing you need to check for is the amount of wear on the slide as we have occasionally  through the years had people (especially those doing a lot of stock work on stations) actually snapping needles caused by excessive slide wear. Physically check the slide itself for signs of wear and note that at all opening positions when pressing the slide hard back or forward the needle should be free in the bass needle jet.

New TM33-8012 carburetors are available in the “TM Flatslide with Accelerator pump” page or slides can be found in the parts page linked off the TM33. All specific type replacement Mikuni jets for your carb can be easily found and selected off the TM33 page rather than the jet section on the page.

Suzuki Motorcycle Applications: 1993 & 1995 DR350


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