BN44I-YAM Rebuild Kit for Yamaha Mikuni BN44I GP Carb

$88.00 AUD

(identify your carb to ensure correct kit selection)

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This is a rebuild Kit for one Yamaha Mikuni BN44I GP JetSki Carb

To positively ID the carb , on the pump side (the one with the hose ports) the distance between the 4 screws will be 52mm centre to centre on the short side and 59mm on the other.  Besides this and the standard Super BN there are other versions of this carb which have been specially made for OEM Jet Ski manufacturers where these will have a different cover and different bolt spacing for easy detection.

Genuine Mikuni Super BN Jet Ski carburetor rebuild kits only come in the factory blister pack with quality and proven components. Remember when out on the water you can’t walk home when an inferior copy lets you down.


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