Re-Spacing Hardware 80-100-80 Mikuni RS Flatslide Carbs

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Note- Some OEM Mikuni components are also required for this re-spacing job.

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This Mikuni RS carburetor  carb re-spacing kit consists of Mikunioz in house designed components  used  for converting Mikuni RS bank of 4 carburetors into a 80-100-80 spacing configuration to suit Honda DOHC CB Engines 1979-1983. Some engines (all mentioned Honda Using RS34, RS36 or RS38 carbs but not when using the RS40 race carbs) require the additional purchase of sleeves to increase the diameter or length of the carb set inlet and outlet spigots, these items are also available here in the RS accessories page or in their own designated page in the “Manifolds and Adapters” drop list off the main menu.

Mikuni TM and RS carbs are not suited for downdraft engines.

Other OEM Mikuni items along with around an hours assembly time is required to re-space a kit where the purchase of one of our ready to go kits will be far more economical unless refurbishing a used set of carbs.

The kit includes only the parts as pictured. Top and bottom support plates, throttle shaft, choke shaft  plus a new longer fuel tube for conjoining carbs 2 and 3.


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