Re-Spacing Kit Mikuni RS34 Carbs for Honda CB750, CB900 CB1100

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This Mikuni RS34 carburetor spacing kit is for converting Mikuni RS 34 carburetors to suit Honda CB750, CB900 and CB1100.

Mikuni RS carbs are not suited for downdraft engines.

This Mikuni kit creates the following carb centre to centre spacing’s for direct fitment to Honda CB750. CB900 and CB1100 and will adapt to the stock air-box (55mm dia.) and engine inlet rubbers (44mm)

A= 80mm (spacing centre to centre between carb 1 & 2)
B= 100mm (carb 2 & 3)
C= 80mm (carb 3 & 4)

Your stock throttle cables will not match to these carbs, where we have available in the RS accessories page either our road bike throttle and cable assembly (KRS-001) or a Quick action 1/4 turn throttle and cable kit (PPQA40K)
You can also buy separately either POD filters or Velocity stacks which have no form of filter in them (15, 30,50 and 75mm long) for racing


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