Throttle Cable LH Side Relocation Kit, TM42, 45 & 48 Honda XR650R

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This kit is for relocating the throttle cable connection and actuation system from the right to left hand side on Mikuni HSR/TM 42, 45 and 48mm carburetors.

Kit components are: new stainless steel shaft, twin cable rotor and roll pin, higher cable bracket for Honda XR650R and other similar applications, bracket spacer.

This kit requires (not included)  the use of our TM40 type cables with the 6mm lower fittings with two nuts on each fitting for lock off, being either our Quick action throttle and or cables, KRS-001 street bike throttle and cables or HS40 Harley cables wher ethe other kit with the lower cable bracket is required for rocker box clearance.  Find these cables or combo’s in the main menu “TM Flatslide Pumper Carbs” drop list, TM40 carb option.


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