1. TM35-1 35mm TMX Mikuni Carburetor, 2 Stroke Engines

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The TM35-1 is supplied with the following factory jetting installed:

Pilot jet 20 (VM22/210),  Needle 6EN11-53 (richer and leaner available),  Needle Jet (Fixed in place),  Main Jet 350 (4/042),  Slide  6.0 (999-832-014)

Dimension A= 40mm, B= 76mm, C= 164mm, D= 62mm, Total Width= 76mm

Unlike many motorcycle manufacturers’ purpose built and modified pollution compliant versions of the TMX carb, these factory TMX flatslide racing carbs are regarded by the factory to be the best performing version of this carburetor ever made.

The TMX features a flat slide design in a smooth bore venturi to provide improved throttle response and wider powerband. The float system with independently moving floats, working with a main jet enclosed in a baffle chamber, allows the TMX to perform smoothly without hesitation on the roughest terrain. These carbs are jetted to suit most 125cc high performance motocross engines and once fitted will eliminate a lot of the hesitation, hard starting and other performance problems experienced with some OEM carbs.

It is always advised to buy a spare one size up (360) and one size down (340) main jet so as to positively verify your correct fuel mixture and optimum power at WOT. When replacing carbs with throttle position sensors and other such electrical items fitted you will need to determine if these do not need to be connected before purchasing and installing one of our carbs.

If your carb measures around 12mm or 20mm longer than the 76mm front to back measurement of the TMX carb, and if intending to still use the standard air-box you will need to purchase separately from our TMX Carbs page the corresponding silver anodized extender. When ordering an extender with your carb please advise in the order comments section if you want us to press fit it to your carb with Loctite before delivery. The extenders have an outside diameter of 60mm at the air-box end, slightly smaller than the carb itself.

The picture above with the cable shows the required length of inner cable protrusion and securing fitting required at the carb end at basically a minimum length adjustment. The back board is divided into 1 and 10mm increments. If your inner cable is to short you may consider one of our Quick Action throttle and cable assemblies.


The jets in this carb are spot on for most motorcycles with a few requiring a main jet changed as suggested above and once fitted and checking the pilot setting, occasionally some motors may ask for a one or two size leaner pilot where Husky’s often like a 25. The needles only ever may need a change when fitted to some multi cylinder applications. Follow the tuning sheets supplied with the carb and if requiring a change, the perfect tune is easily achieved.

The Jet Needle is the tapered rod that is positioned in the throttle valve by the ‘E’-Clip. The taper of the needle increases the clearance between the Jet Needle and the fixed Needle Jet outlet as the throttle is opened. As the air flow volume increases past the throttle slide, the fuel volume is also increased to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio.


The position of the ‘E’-Clip in the Jet Needle is used to correct or change the air/fuel ratio between 1/4th and 3/4th throttle valve position. The ‘E’-Clip can be raised or lowered on the Jet Needle. To richen the fuel mixture the ‘E’-Clip is lowered on the Jet Needle, raising the Jet Needle. To lean the fuel mixture the ‘E’-Clip is raised on the Jet Needle.


To correct the fuel mixture at 1/8th to 1/4th throttle slide position it may be necessary to change the Jet Needle. The Jet Needle will have a series of numbers stamped on it.
Example: 6EJ 12-55. The numbers 55 indicate that the outside diameter (O.D.) of the Jet Needle is 2.55mm. A smaller O.D. number gives a richer mixture. A larger O.D. number gives a leaner mixture. Typical Jet Needles available

All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. The duty free threshold and duty/taxes payable rates differ from one country to another and we strongly advise you check your liability before ordering if unsure. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept. or on their behalf by the Postal Service, who you will need to make contact with using the provided tracking number.

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.




1 review for 1. TM35-1 35mm TMX Mikuni Carburetor, 2 Stroke Engines

  1. Ross Nimmo (verified owner)

    I have a 1980 IT175 that I restored to do some serious off road on, the same as I do on my 2018 150 Husky.

    I was having all sorts of problems getting it to run smoothly and never considered that the carb could be the problem as it was a very low hour bike and the carb showed no wear.

    In a process of elimination (and frustration) I decided to replace it and Mikuni Oz recommend the 35mm TMX. The difference was night and day! After some initial plug chops it showed the jetting to be spot on. The bike was very responsive off the bottom and pulled smoothly all the way through, allowing it to rev to the moon if needed.

    I took the bike on a 60km technical single trail on the weekend with a group of guys on late model 300’s and everyone (myself included) were blown away at just how well it powered up snotty hills, pulled through the tight stuff and had enough snap to get over many decent sized logs.
    It actually pulls smother now than my TE150 and I am awaiting a TMX 38 for that bike because I was so happy with what it did for my 40 year old 175!

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