TM36/73 Float Bowl RS Carb # 3

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Float Bowl RS Carb # 3. This item fits the version of these carburetors sold on this site but may not match those on many similar but slightly different versions of the same size carburetors made specially by the Mikuni factory for OEM motorcycle manufacturers. The Mikunioz back board with 1 and 10mm increments may help you with identification but if it doesn’t match up, it wont and if in doubt please call our office before ordering.

As the other float bowls are generally a not available item and basically the difference between this and the # 1 and 4 bowls is the accelerator pump supply joining fittings (this has one either side being a middle carb), this bowl can be used in 1 and 4 positions with the respective left or right outside second fitting blocked off.


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