TM40/81 Slide- Throttle Valve for Mikuni TM40-6 / HS40

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This slide is a direct replacement for the later version of the Mikuni TM40-6 single unit.

WARNING: Before installing a new aluminum slide you must determine that you don’t have one of the older 80’s versions of these carbs which have or had a Bakelite slide and consequently are not fitted with the pictured brass guide button.

The round brass button shown in the pictures if not already in the carb or carbs or if no longer sitting level with the stepped up side surfaces on the inside of the motor side of the carb , must be installed or replaced.

Failure to do this when fitting new Aluminum slides may run the risk of the slide jamming when open. These guides if required must be either installed or replaced by a competent engineering shop.

There are two types of brass buttons available,
999-834-013 for fitting as a replacement to carbs which already have them
999-834-012 a slightly different one for retro fitting older carbs

If this information is in anyway is confusing to you or you are having trouble determining weather it applies to you please contact our office. Ph. 0747712677


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