Velocity Stack with Gauze, Fits Carburetor Spigot 48mm thru 52mm

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This universal fit Motorcycle Velocity stack with gauze screen air-cleaner, as with our POD Air Filters comfortably fit spigots 1 or 2mm larger or smaller than the fitment rubber size being 50mm. Hose clamp included.
These Velocity stacks with basic gauze screen filtration when fitted to your Mikuni Carburetor provide minimal impeded air flow into the carburetor to increase induction efficiency and increase horsepower on racing engines where air filters are not required. They are also a popular custom accessory for show bikes. They are not recommended for use on street or off road ridden motorcycles where abrasive air pollutants may cause engine damage.

This air-filter has a maximum 75mm diameter and will protrude 35mm past the end of the carburetor.


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