Yamaha XV Virago 2-1 Cable w. 90 Degree lower fittings Mikuni VM TM

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This 2 into 1 cable assembly is for use on all Yamaha XV Virago¬† models using the OEM throttle when fitting Mikuni VM carbs ranging from VM30 through to VM38 and TM 38 non pump Mikuni carburetors. The total cable length from the 90 degree elbow at the carbs to the elbow on the throttle fitting is 950mm. One of the lower cables has been made longer to allow for the lefthand carb offset’ These cables are also fitted with custom made 90 degree lower fittings with an extra 10mm of thread, which can be wound right down into the top of the TM38 for plenty of clearance under the frame.

The low profile 90 degree lower fittings replace the OEM adjusters, screwing directly into the carb top. This does require the cable to be fixed in place before fitting a VM carb as unscrewing the carb top with the carb in place can not be done. This requires the removal and spinning of the carb itself to undo the top if wanting to do a needle clip position check. Not an issue with the TM carb where the top held in place with screws.

All throttle cables must be lubricated during installation with cable lube or a very light oil such as 3 in 1 to avoid clogging. Besides the need to lubricate the inner wire in the housing, the cable end barrels at their pivot points should be lubricated with water proof grease.
If you need to clean your cable which is particularly relevant for dirt bikes. We recommend using WD40 or a very light oil such as 3 in 1. This effectively washes away dirt from the cable, without clogging it.



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