PHH40 Z70-1040 Gasket Kit, Mikuni N40PHH Carburetor

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Gasket Kit for 40PHH Mikuni PHH series automotive Carburetor.

Mikuni PHH Series Automotive Carburetors

Mikuni PHH Automotive Racing Carburetors found their heritage in the original Solex side draft carburetors of the 1960s, but with Mikuni redesigning into the PHH Series many significant performance and reliability improvements. Up through the 1990s Mikuni PHH Carburetors were the carburetors of choice for many top race teams on their engines used in off-road, roadracing and rally competition.

With the sport’s move from carburetion to fuel-injection in the late 1990s, along with increasingly stringent EPA regulations, Mikuni of Japan discontinued production of the PHH carburetors once the original tooling wore out. It was no longer cost effective to produce new tooling and molds. Complete Mikuni PHH Carburetors and Kits are no longer available. If you are in need of complete side draft carburetors for a restoration, the Mikuni PPH / Solex style carburetors are very similar to the popular Weber DCOE carburetors which remain in production and readily available.


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