41R-14940-09 Yamaha Mikuni Diaphragm Assy (41R-14940-09-00 USA)

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41R-14940-09 OEM Australia or (USA 41R-14940-09-00) Yamaha Mikuni Diaphragm Assembly (also replaces old 41R-140-00-00).

The Mikuni slide is 30mm diameter. The distance from the bottom of the lower diaphragm collar to the bottom of the slide is 60mm. The diameter of the small holes in the flat bottom measure- the centre needle hole is 3.4mm with the other two being 2.5mm and 1.5mm (approximately).

The bottom of the Mikuni slide is flat with no cut-away. Suits Yamaha Virago XV535 and some other imported models


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