Mikuni RS 34mm Carb Kit- Triumph T150 Trident Triple

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This Mikuni RS34 carburetor Kit will breathe a whole new lease of life into your Triumph T150 Trident Triple with a massive increase in power, whilst making it perform and operate as it should with no hesitations or flat spots.

This kit is also available in 36mm RS’s which we sell for the later Triumph Triples and also Yamaha XS 750 and 850 1970’s on wards models. The thru to ’78 Yamaha XS750 is only a Max 7000 RPM engine and works a treat with the 36’s so don’t be alarmed by the size of these carbs where their superior venturi and delivery design allows the fitment of larger carbs without valuable lower end loss.

The supplied alloy stub flanges are a new internally tapered design to better funnel the flow down into the Triumph cylinder head and also providing more gasket surface area for better sealing. These  bolt directly to your cylinder head, after removing the existing studs and then using new 1/4″allen screws not supplied. The required but optional (select from purchase drop list) new push/pull throttle and cable assembly will connect directly to the new carbs.

The RS carbs are 100mm long front to back with an inlet diameter of 55mm, with the mounting flanges they will sit another 30mm further back off your cylinder head. We now sell this kit with the pictured 42mm deep oval PODs for more clearance behind, rather than the 70mm long POD filters mentioned in one of the reviews. You can also purchase separately here, Velocity stacks in varying lengths (only sold in sets of 4) and or you may like to try and adapt the carbs to your stock air-box but do be mindful that they do like a lot of air supply. Filters and all other RS carb accessories can be viewed by going to the”RS Smoothbore Kits (multi-Cylinder)” button in the left hand side of the page menu and then selecting “RS Accessoeries” from the drop list.

A spare set of pilots are provided plus two spare sets of mains for WOT testing and confirming correct tune. Other than that bolt them on and hold on. The purchaser will need to also supply suitable fittings for the fuel inlet connection where these carbs have 2x 8mm (5/16″)  hose tails.

Please note that the throttle housing supplied is chrome (where you can have black on request) or also swap out for a side pull quick action throttle similar to the one found on the later injected twins. For these options you need to communicate directly with our office.

T160 Trident options: We have sold quite a few of these Mikuni RS34’s for the T160 and also 36’s for engines with big bore kits. The reason we don’t offer a T160 Kit is that the T160 engine flange bolts are not centrally located across the port so our alloy stub flanges don’t suit. Therefore for fitment you will have to have some items made and or machined elsewhere to make it possible. Some customers have made V’ed plates, as pictured, to bolt to the head for the best available flow and also if wanting to level the carbs to use the air box. If doing this our T150 kit fits as per the picture in the gallery. Depending on the engine capacity and custom head porting we can also exchange the tapered stub flanges for straight bored in either 32mm or 34mm ID. Others have machined the existing cast manifolds and manufactured press on sleeves increasing the outside diameter to 40mm, allowing a direct connect to the new carbs using our 40mm/40mm straight rubber boots, same as used in the T150 kit with our stub flanges. This isn’t the perfect option but still works well, as the stock T160 stub flanges are only around 31mm outside diameter leaving little allowance for porting the insides. Please contact our office if interested in further discussing either of these T160 options.

All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. The duty free threshold and duty/taxes payable rates differ from one country to another and we strongly advise you check your liability before ordering if unsure. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept. or on their behalf by the Postal Service, who you will need to make contact with using the provided tracking number.

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.

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3 reviews for Mikuni RS 34mm Carb Kit- Triumph T150 Trident Triple

  1. David Baines

    With some trepidation I ordered this kit in an almost last-ditch effort to get my bike working, after spending a lot of money on engine rebuild. I had also paid plenty to put new Amals and a two- into-three manifold (from the US) but just couldn’t get it to work. The installation of the Mikuni kit was fairly straight-forward – I am not a mechanic but managed to do it myself. I couldn’t re-fit the tool box due to the distance the carbies sit back and the central 70mm long air filter had to be distorted a little to fit as it sits close to the central frame pipe although the shorter 48mm oval pod air filters or modification and then use of the original airbox would solve this. After installation the bike started virtually first kick and ran fine, however after a short ride the plugs were fouling and I called Tom at Mikunioz for advice. He was great and went through various options. I used the (supplied) smaller idle jets and while I had the carbies out I actually changed to the smaller set of main jets (also supplied). I cannot stress how pleased I am with this kit. The bike finally runs SO well!! It starts first or second kick, It idles perfectly and pulls away with no hesitation or flat spots. Tom was very knowledgeable and approachable and I can’t speak more highly of him. It is so good to have a lovely bike running the way it should. I strongly recommend these carbies and Mikunioz! So happy!!!! I should declare I have no relationship with Tom or this company. I am just a very satisfied customer! P.S. I have two new Amals and manifold now for sale!

  2. Ross R (verified owner)

    These carbs make the old T150 more enjoyable to ride, better throttle response from the bottom of the rev range to the top end compared to the Amal Premier carburettors.
    I would give 5 stars but the throttle cables in the kit are too short even for the Trident with Euro style low handle bars, I had to route them on the wrong side of the forks. (designed for Japanese sports bikes, though now advised that kits are supplied with new 150mm longer cables)
    If you’re not concerned with originality these Mikuni carbs are a nice upgrade.

  3. admin (verified owner)

    Hey Tom
    The best $1500.00 I could have spent on my Trident. Absolutely changed the whole
    bike. Starts first kick and idles smooth as. Thanks.

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