Pancake Air-Cleaner, Suits Mikuni TM/HSR42, VM TM36/38, 2.5″ High Flow Wider Version

$110.00 AUD

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This USA made air-cleaner is 2 1/2″ wide and 5.5″ diameter with an off set mounting flange. It will suit our TM42/HSR42 Pumper carbs, plus if chasing more air flow than our 2″ version, also VM36, 38 Round slide carbs, TM non-pump 36 and 38mm carbs. The filter media can be washed and re-oiled. This light weight filter is great for unsupported custom applications. This filter has been specially designed and made for Mikunioz by S&B filters in the USA and has a Moz embossed rubber end cover.


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