Re-Spacing Twin Kit 120mm- Using Mikuni RS Carbs

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This Mikuni  RS carburetor spacing kit is for converting Mikuni RS banks of 4 carbs into a conjoined Twin Carb kit to suit Yamaha XS, Kawasaki and other twins with a centre of outlet port to centre of the other outlet port spacing of 120mm.

Mikuni TM and RS carbs are not suited for downdraft engines.

Your stock Push Pull twin throttle cables on most Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki engines should match to our TM36-68 carbs, where we also have available in the RS accessories page either our road bike throttle and cable assembly (KRS-001) or a Quick action 1/4 turn throttle and cable kit (PPQA40K)
You can also buy separately either POD filters or Velocity stacks which have no form of filter in them (15, 30,50 and 75mm long) for racing.

There is around two hours machining and assembly time plus re-jetting  required to build this kit where the purchase of one of our ready to go kits could well be far more economical if requiring professional help.

The kit includes only the parts as pictured.



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