TM38 Twin Mikuni Flatslide Kit Yamaha XV Virago 750, Thru to 1100

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Going fast has never been so easy, say goodbye to hard starting, hesitations and flatspots.  These Mikuni TM38 non pumper type carburetors, like the VM roundslides, will fix all your old stock carb issues and look great whilst also giving you an even bigger performance improvement over the VM.

The kit includes: Two pre-jetted TM38 Mikuni Carburetors. A pair  of new CNC machined and anodized alloy stub flanges with proper locking in rubber boots and stainless steel clamps which move the new Mikuni TM38’s back into position so as to mate up with your stock air boots. A nylon lined 2-1 throttle cable with splitter box to connect to your stock throttle. This cable measures 950mm long and as many of these bikes are now custom modified,  if you do advise at the time of ordering that you require a different end fitting or length (1050mm max reducing to any shorter length requested) we can in most cases do the changes at no cost. This only applies to a request at the time of purchase and also do be aware that some aftermarket throttles may not manage to fully open the slides on these carbs where generally some throttle tube modification will remedy this.

The chokes work independently on each carb and can be awkward to get at depending on the gas tank but never needed as generally over fuel if turned on in most climates. Normally just start, feather the throttle for 15 seconds or so and you’re right to go. We do sell cable choke kits found in the TM38 page, selected from the drop list under the main menu “TM Flatslide carbs (Non-accel pump)” option.

The jets to make this carb operate on Yamaha XV models have been fitted and there are spares for fine tuning the main jet circuit doing WOT tests. Climate, altitude and fuel density from different octane fuels all have varying effects on final fine tuning as does cam, exhaust and cylinder head porting etc. For this reason, we have included what we have found to be a range of fuels.

FUEL PUMP MODELS: With an 1100 or others if you still use the fuel pump , sometimes you may encounter leaking out the overflow at idle.The float height is factory set and will be correct. This is caused by the pressure from your pump which is popping off the needle and seat. Adjusting float height 2mm may work but usually not. Otherwise there are two options:

1) If you intend in the near future to customize to a gravity feed only bike and need to keep the as supplied larger needle valve, then in the meantime you can install an extra “T” on the carb supply line so as to then run a return line to the tank. This line needs to be plugged with a restrictor so as to work as a pressure relief whilst to not take flow preference away from the carbs. Usually a 1mm hole in a restriction plug fitted inside the new line is good.

2) Select the kit for fuel pump supply, where we replace the 3.3 needle and seats with 1.8mm units.

In “How to videos” page the VM carb tune check also relates to the TM carbs and we do recommend you also watch the cable attachment and carb sync video

Our technicians can guide you through any after sales carb related inquiry.

At Mikunioz, for the last 30 years, we have been constantly checking and where necessary upgrading our jetting specs as fuel quality changes. Regular fuel in the USA is 85 octane or 91 in their premium brands which have numerous additives and blends added (basically smells and drys like wood varnish) which results in a totally different jetting spec and product performance. This carb as supplied from the factory will never work on this bike and requires a total re-jet which is done in house at Mikunioz prior to delivery with jets to suit your location anywhere in the world.

You will instantly experience better throttle response, improved acceleration, increased horsepower and torque.



The carburetor, tuner jet kit and or what ever other components you want individually by following the directions below.

On the main menu to the left of the page, hover over the carb listing for TM Flatslide (non-pump) Carbs and then select TM38 from the drop down list. When clicking on any individual size Mikuni carb from the drop down list it will put you into a page showing not only the Mikuni carb itself but also any items relevant to that carb, being Mikuni jets, Mikuni flanges, Mikuni carb tuner kits, Mikuni cables , Mikuni throttles, Mikuni air-cleaners and a range of Mikuni carb to OEM air box adaptors etc to also suit. This also makes alternate jet selection easy for you if you have your own spec as only the type jets for that particular carb are shown.
Click on the carb itself if wanting to view the full details and or to make your purchase. Then back arrow back in the carbs main page and go into the tuner kits, which show in the sales drop down list the jetting kits we have for confirmed suitable engines for that particular carb. Again thoroughly read the tuner kit description.
If you’re comfortable with making a purchase of the carb, tuner kit any or other associated components, order it on line or otherwise please call us to further discuss your needs on 0747712677.

All international buyers are responsible for the payment of their domestic customs duties and taxes charged on imported goods. The duty free threshold and duty/taxes payable rates differ from one country to another and we strongly advise you check your liability before ordering if unsure. Please check your tracking on all international shipments within 7 days to follow their progress and determine if it is being held by your local customs dept. or on their behalf by the Postal Service, who you will need to make contact with using the provided tracking number.

Please Note: Other than exact replacement OEM carburetors, all Mikuni Aftermarket Carburetors and Tuning Components are sold “As Is” for Off Road / Racing Use Only and are not intended or approved for use on vehicles operated on Public Roads or in locations where applicable engine tampering and anti-pollution laws apply.

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XV under 1000cc, 1000cc up Gravity feed, 1000cc up fuel Pump

5 reviews for TM38 Twin Mikuni Flatslide Kit Yamaha XV Virago 750, Thru to 1100

  1. Mervyn Rattray (verified owner)

    Just fitted the TM38 Mikuni carbs to my xv750 virago look fantastic and easy to fit bike started first time only hard to adjust the idle, Went for a 20 minute ride throttle response was fantastic 100 percent on old carbs. Highly recommend the boys at Mikunioz very helpful

  2. Brydon (verified owner)

    I put these one my Xv1000 and it started up as soon as I hit the button no choke and ran well. The packaging for postage was extremely well done and I’m very happy with the item. Routing the throttle cables took some fiddling but at no point did they stick or bind. Thank you!

  3. Ballsy (Stu) (verified owner)

    Contacted Tom at Mikunioz for carby parts for my misses 1100 Virago, after listening what time had to say l bout the complete kit,easy fitting and lived up to what he said about performance, pulls harder and faster than the original carbs
    Would recommend to everyone

  4. Stuart Wylie

    I built a street scrambler from a 1982 virago frame and fitted a 1100 engine.
    I had custom built exhausts and I couldn’t get the original carbs to tune in after a month of different jets and needle positions.
    I contacted Tom at Mikunioz and ordered this set.
    Within a week they had arrived in Scotland and were on the bike.
    It fired up straight away and it is running fantastic with the carbs straight out of the box.
    Can’t thank the guys at Mikunioz enough, keep up the good work guys.

  5. Houston chapman (verified owner)

    Great carbs! 81 virago 750, in UT. Had to drop the needle to lean it out a bit but it rips! Wants to fly off and the throttle is super responsive. Get this kit!

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